Best of 2018...

Check out my favorite 200 images from 2018!

They say it’s better late than never right? Well, here it is in July and the wedding season is slowing down in Florida. I decided to go thru my images from 2018 and pull out my top 200 images. it was super hard… I picked out 400ish and getting it down to 200 was nearly impossible. But I picked ones that made me feel something. They immediately took me back to where I was that day. And that’s why I do what I do. When a photo makes me feel an emotion, that speaks volumes.

I’m so thankful for my clients that have entrusted in me to tell their story through my vision. This past year lucky enough to visit and shoot in so many amazing destinations, NYC, Savannah, Dallas The Bahamas, Kauai, and Scotland to name a few. When I started this business, I had no idea the places it would lead me, more importantly the people that I would meet and get to know. The friendships that this “job” has introduced me to has me forever grateful! I created some of my favorite images ever in 2018, I hope you enjoy!