A Look Back on 2013 | My Favorite Frames

Another year has come and passed, and I'm still so blessed, by God's will,  to continue to be doing what I love. I still LOVE it, and that's huge when it's your "job"! Shooting wedding all over Florida, Harbour Island, Bahamas, Richmond, VA, New Orleans, LA, and New York CIty, wow, it was a crazy one!  Each year, I feel that I grow more and more as a person, an artist and a business owner. Last year, I realized how much I love to shoot something other than weddings, like landscapes. I didn't do that enough in 2013, so thats a goal of mine for 2014, and I need to make time for it! One thing that i did learn tis year is really connecting with my clients, and showing their connection in my art. Also, this year, I gained a great friend. Tiffani, I really value our friendship. Thank you for taking time away from your family and business to help me out with traveling and shooting weddings with me. There's so much this year that I couldn't have done without you, and my clients benefited from your incredible gift! Lastly, I know NONE of this could be done without the love and support from my wife. I know that photography takes away from you and Lincoln, and I appreciate your understanding and how much you do and make our family solid.  We always say "the best is yet to come", 2014 is going to be the best year yet! I love you!

There's a few in there from when I had the honor of Second Shooting Ben Sasso's wedding for Shipra Panosian. Thanks so much Shipra for asking me to come along!