Best of 2011

This year has been nothing short of amazing!I have one wedding left on the 30th, but other than that, it's a wrap! It's been a year of some highs and lows. For my second full year, the highs far outreached the lows, and I'll take that! For ones that don't know, I was in the construction field doing manual labor... One of my goals this year, was to go full time in photography. In August, through a lot of prayer and talks with my wife, we decided to take the leap. We had our son, Lincoln, coming in September, I figured if I didn't do it now, that I might not ever. I've never looked back. The 4th quarter was the busiest that I ever could dream, with Lincoln coming, and shooting almost half of my 2011 weddings, timing was perfect. I could have never kept up! I've been blessed with the best couples that have invited me into their lives and have allowed me to share my vision with the biggest day of their life. I'm so excited about what 2012 is going to bring, the people that I'll get to know, and stories that I'll get to document and share. I have some big goals for this next year, (and I don't normally make goals) personally and as an artist. I cannot wait! Thank you to my wife, Ashley, for putting up with me this crazy year, I absolutely could do NONE of this without you and your support. Thanks to Alisha for our relationship and what you mean to me, this business would not be where it's at without you! And last, but most important, thanks to the One that gives me the strength, without Him, I would be nothing!

~Blessings, Jason

I had the pleasure 2nd shooting this next one with my good friend Jessica Lorren!