Avani + Ripul | Tampa Indian Wedding | Mehndi, Mandap, + Garba


When Avani contacted me to shoot her wedding, I was disappointed... I was disappointed because this was probably my third Indian Wedding where I was already booked on the main wedding day. Avani didn't care, she loved my work so much that she still wanted me there for the first two days! I was ecstatic! So this was my first taste of a Hindu Wedding, and the Indian Culture. The first night was the Mehndi Ceremony or also known as the Henna Ceremony. It was very laid back and very fun for Avani's family. The next day started early for the prep for Avani's hair and makeup for her Mandap Ceremony. By the end of this ceremony was fell in love with the Indian culture and wanted more, I couldn't wait until I could shoot an entire wedding, all three days! The last part of the post is the Garba Ceremony, it's the engagement ceremony and tons of fun dancing! Mehndi ceremony decor Henna hand Tampa Indian Wedding: mehndi portrait Tampa Indian Wedding Photographer Mehndi Bridal portrait Tampa Indian Wedding: bride Tampa Indian Wedding: outdoor portraits henna feet mehndi ceremony: smiling guest mehndi jewelry mehndi hand henna application tampa indian wedding photography henna night henna hands henna ceremony hindu mandap decor mandap ceremony saree mandap ceremony make-up mandap ceremony priest Pooja hindu mandap ceremony hindu mandap ceremony guest Hindu priest wedding hindu prayer mandap cermony mandap ceremony coconut mandap ceremony coconut hands mandap ceremony flowers hands mandap ceremony front door tampa hindu wedding photographer Lord Ganesha hindu mandap ceremony flower lay bride tampa mandap ceremony outdoor


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