My name is Jason and I am driven to create truthful and natural images that share the story of the best day of your life!

I’m a warm-hearted father of two (one and seven years old) and a hopeful romantic to my lovely wife. I am a devoted taco connoisseur, coffee snob, and donut lover.  I’m filled with dad jokes and I’ll bust a few out on your wedding day to keep things light-hearted and laid back. 

I’m based out of Tampa, Florida and have been lucky enough to document weddings all over the world. From the Highlands of Scotland, the beaches of Hawaii and the Caribbean, and the hustle and bustle of New York City — there’s something creatively inspiring to me about experiencing new places.   Traveling the globe and being able to tell stories with my camera, is a true dream.  

Over ten years ago my wife and I got married. After we experienced our own wedding images, I realized the potential of photography to evoke emotion and tell a story. I want my couples to feel a powerful emotional response that helps them relive one of the best days of their lives.

I’ll approach your wedding day from a friend-with-a-nice-camera’s perspective allowing myself an honest look into your wedding (trust me, everyone will be so much more comfortable). I consider everyone I’ve ever worked with a friend and I care so deeply about each and every couple and I always want that to approach to guide my work.

My style of photography is natural and colorful — less posing and more guiding. I want to create stylish portraits while telling the story of the best day of your life that will quickly become your new family’s first heirloom.