San Francisco, California - Personal Work

I had a chance to go to San Francisco for a wedding, and I hadn't been to CA in like 10-12 years, so I knew that I didn't want to come back the day after the wedding. I wanted to see a little of the city and the amazing coastline! When I first got into photography, I love landscape photography. I always wanted to create those beautiful photos that would go on a wall or in a scenic book! It's still something that drives me, but I rarely get to shoot it. I know that Florida is pretty, but you sometimes get bored when you see the same thing all the time, so when I travel, I try to shoot for my self. It helps with my creativity all around, and it's something that I really enjoy! My other personal "project/work" is shooting with my iPhone. I love it, it's always on me, and I adore what it can create! Especially with the VSCOcam app, and then I get them printed, it's so awesome! Sometimes, I like what it creates better than my DSLR... Some of this post was shot on the iPhone 4 and edited with the VSCOcam app (they're all square with a white border)I hope that you enjoy!