Carmen + Jon | Pulgas Water Temple Wedding | San Francisco, CA

It's so crazy how things happen in life and in business... A long time ago I had a photo that was featured on here at Moment Junkie, and a wedding website took a bunch of photos off of Moment Junkie and put them on their blog for a short time (because they took them without permission) In the short time of it being up, Carmen saw the photo and went to my site! And emailed me this "Hello, I came across your website on and completely fell head over heels in LOVE with your style. The composition of your photos along with the sentiment and extreme attention to detail have motivated me to reach out to you. I realize you are based in FL , but first I wondered if you were even available on our wedding date? Secondly, would it be possible to have you come out to San Francisco for our wedding?  As I said, I am a HUGE fan of your work so far and so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you're available on that date!"

These are the clients that I long for. Having my photos tug at their hearts and move them enough to connect with me! And to top it off, fly me out to San Francisco to tell their story! I had such a great time, Carmen and Jon made me feel like family. The wedding day was amazing, with an incredible ceremony venue at the Pulgas Water Temple. It was a county park and it closed shortly after the ceremony, so we had to go somewhere else to do their portraits... While driving in the limo, both Carmen and I spotted this incredible hill, and it ended up being at a rest stop along the side of the interstate... I don't get to see these views in Florida... Carmen really wanted these shots, so the entire bridal party jumped the fence to get up there, this was a first for me, and it was totally worth it!   The reception was at the Hillsborough Racquet Club... I'm so blessed for this couple , and so thankful to have had Dustin come out there with me to help with the wedding and we had an amazing time site seeing and doing a little traveling, you can see it here! I hope that you enjoy this wedding as much as I did! Pulgas Water temple wedding dress blue sparkle wedding shoes Pulgas Water Temple make-up bridal make up hello kitty tattoo bridal reflection make up window intimate mom and daughter pulgas water temple wedding hair getting done bride getting ready pulgas water temple wedding getting ready bride laughing putting on shoes pulgas water temple wedding bride dressing pulgas water temple wedding lipstick pulgas water temple wedding grooms cheers groom getting ready groom putting on tux putting on cuff links groomsmen pulgas water temple sign pulgas water temple wedding pool pulgas water temple wedding: trees pulgas water temple wedding: ceremony site pulgas water temple wedding: umbrellas pulgas water temple wedding: bride waiting pulgas water temple wedding: bridals bridal portrait groomsmen walking pulgas water temple wedding: first look pulgas water temple wedding: ceremony pulgas water temple wedding: high five pulgas water temple wedding: ceremony pulgas water temple wedding: sweet groompulgas water temple wedding: vows pulgas water temple wedding: ring exchange ring exchange pulgas water temple wedding: first kiss hugging pulgas water temple wedding: precessional need a drink pulgas water temple wedding: bride and mom hug pulgas water temple wedding: portraits pulgas water temple wedding: bridal party pulgas water temple wedding: bouquet pulgas water temple wedding: groom and boutonniere jumping the fence bridal party shot san francisco San Francisco Wedding photography walking down the hill Bridal portraits bay area wedding photography bay area wedding photographer bride and groom portraits