Megan + Dillon | Bella Collina Engagement Session | Montverde, FL

Bella Collina Wedding photographer There's not a place anywhere close to Florida that has this view or look like this place... so when Megan said that she wanted to do her Bella Collina engagement session at her wedding venue, how could I turn it down? I'm starting to love shooting in the middle of the state near Clermont and Montverde with the rolling hills and typography unlike what I'm used to being closer to the west coast/ water... I love this place and can not wait for my next wedding there! bella collina engagement session: reflecting pond bella collina engagement session: reflection pond kissing bella collina engagement session: wide shot house bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_005 bella collina engagement session: artistic shot bella-collina-engagement-jason-007 bella collina engagement session: kissing along ivy wall bella collina engagement session: front of club house bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_010 bella collina engagement session: bell tower bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_012 bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_013 bella collina engagement session photography bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_015 bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_016 bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_017 bella collina engagement session: romantic bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_019 bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_020 bella collina wedding photographer bella collina sunset valley shot bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_023 bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_024 romantic bella collina photography bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_026 bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_027 bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_028 bella collina wedding photographer bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_030 bella-collina-engagement-jason-mize20130718_031 bella collina engagement session: looking out to the sunsetbella collina engagement session: silhouette