a look back on 2012 | My favorite frames


I can not believe that the year is already over! The older I get, I feel that the faster that it goes, right?!? Over this past year, I feel like I've learned some things about myself and with photography. I realized that I love shooting more than just couples! I was blessed to have clients to trust me enough to bring me to Asheville, NC, San Francisco, and Harbour Island, Bahamas... I've always have loved nature and landscape photography. Growing up (when photography was a hobby), I wanted to take those photos, of some gorgeous scenery landscape, that you would want to hang on your wall! With my travels this year, I got back to why I actually started photography a long time ago. Shooting some gorgeous landscapes!  Also, I had no clue how much I would love iPhoneography! It might be my favorite camera that  I own! I couldn't do what I do without clients that trust me to be me! To let me tell their story how I see it. I can not be thankful enough that I'm able to use a gift that God has given me to bless others. Thank you to my wife and to Lincoln for the sacrifice that they do for allowing me to follow what I think that I was born to do!

A few of the images above were taken while I had the honor second shooting with Kat Braman, Jessica Lorren, and K&K Photography!